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“As your Mortgage Advisor, I see myself as the pilot of your plane. I will assist you in getting the best mortgage rate and payment option for your new home with a minimal amount of turbulence.”

Exceptional and Personal Understanding of Your Needs

Laura Mackie, who has been a mortgage professional for many years, gives you the objective, honest and straightforward advice you need to make wise mortgage-related decisions. I can assist you with 1st, 2nd Mortgages, Private Lending, Commercial Mortgages, Refinance, Equity Take Out, Switch and Transfer (moving a client from one lender to another) Auto leasing, Equipment Leasing and even Visa Cards.

Lower Mortgage Rates & Flexible Payment Options. At No Cost to You.

Since Laura is an Independent Advisor, she has access to more than 45 mortgage lenders and can help you find lower mortgage rates. Some of the major banks, trust companies and credit unions she deals with give her discounted rates, and flexile payment options that she can pass on to you. Best of all, you do not have to pay for her services. The lenders do. You only need to fill out one mortgage application form and Laura will streamline the application process to save you time, money and frustration.

She will also thoroughly analyze your current credit situation and help you get pre-approved for mortgage financing. And when you’re ready to move, Laura will connect you with her hand-picked Team of Realtor Partners who will help you find an ideal home that fits your budget. Laura will also connect you to her elite partners in the fields of Financial Planning, Notaries, Lawyers, Inspectors, and Appraisers.

Inspired to Make a Difference

Laura’s passion is to educate and motivate you, so that you can confidently move forward through your Purchase or Sale. She will carefully listen to your mortgage-related needs and goals, provide you with extraordinary service, and treat you with respect, courtesy, kindness and professionalism. Laura knows both selling and purchasing can often be a stressful journey. You can count on her inspiring and positive attitude to help you reach your destination.

Minimize Your Mortgage. Maximize Your Future.

Laura intimately understands that there are many financial traps that you can fall into when you sell and buy a home. These traps can be extremely costly, stressful and time consuming to escape from. She has helped many people like you “pick up the financial pieces,” take care of their mortgage details, and avoid these costly and emotionally wrenching financial traps.

Laura’s value added mortgage services are FREE of charge. Plus she offers a FREE initial 30 minute consultation.

Your Faithful, Dedicated Mortgage Specialist

Since my passion is truly to help you improve your life all around… check out my helpful video on maintaining a healthy happiness!